Welcome to our team! Our skills and contribution reflect our strong passion for creativity in many fields. Ranging from programming to graphic art and even music, we continue to be inspired by the arts.

Cure Interactive's founder and Chief Executive Officer, Leviscus Tempris, serves as the lead programmer and graphic artist, while also composing music scores when possible.

During his free time he plays guitar, studies graphic design & classical music, and spends time with friends. While often sociable, he prefers to sit back, relax and think on game physics, special effects and his music.

Chris Shilts

Chief Information Officer

Manistee, Michigan

Chris Shilts is Cure Interactive's Chief Information Officer. His responsibilities include administering our server, developing our website, and managing our git and Email solutions.

In his offtime he enjoys playing his fretless Bass Guitar, going for walks around the beach, and playing video games. He also enjoys consuming copious quantities of hydrocarbons.

Walciony Silva

Music Composer

As a musician, Walciony develops music and audio files for our games, ranging from cinematic scores to ambiance. In his free time, he enjoys watching sitcoms, going swimming, reading, and developing Zone 20. His favorite games include Nexuiz, the Unreal Tournament Series, and Warsow.