Playing Games with an Iron Fist

By Brandon DaRocha

Chattanooga State Staff Writer

Many enter college with hopes and aspirations of achieving their dreams. Receiving a higher education promises better oppoitunities, and a chance at living a life doing something that generates happiness and productivity. James Seeley, who also goes by the name of Leviscus Tempris, is in the process of doing just that, with his multi-media production company [Cure Interactive]. I had the opportunity to speak with him, and...

A Clean Slate

After many months of hard work we are proud to present the new Cure Interactive webpage. It wasn't easy and while it may look simple there is a lot going on under the hood. Anyone who has worked on a website of their own knows how hard it can be starting out, literally. We spent a lot of time researching and comparing dozens of solutions to various problems ranging from JQuery plugins to CSS values. It was a hard fought journey littered with road blocks and you'll get to see why....