Web Development in Manistee, Michigan and Greenwood, Indiana

Cure Interactive specializes in creating web presences for small businesses with online marketing budgets in the $350 - $1,500 range.

Before we can help your business, we need to understand it. What do you sell? Who wants it? Why do they want it? Those are some of the questions we will need answers to, before we can begin contemplating an effective online presence.

Once we understand your business, we can begin offering solutions to your online problems. One of the most common problems we see, are businesses not being found in online searches. To solve this, all the sites we build have Search Engine Optimization (SEO) built into every page. But simply being one of the top search results on Google isn't enough. Once a user has clicked that link, you have on average 15 seconds to get them interested. Much longer than that, and they will go somewhere else.

This brings up the second biggest problem we have seen with small business sites- accessibility. At the very least, your site should be easy to read, and be useful to the visitor. This means having good contrast between text and backgrounds, relevent content, cross browser compatability, and a mobile friendly design. Just this year, mobile web browsing has exceeded desktop browsing, as this handy graph will show:

Global Users (Millions)
Desktop Mobile

If you believe we can be of service, please . Face to face meetings with either Chris Shilts in Manistee, Michigan, or James Seeley in the Greenwood, Indiana area are possible. Otherwise we can communicate via Email or Skype.


If you want the best we have to offer, try our complete branding package. We will put our skills to work to create a completely custom web presence for you. Graphic design for logos, banners, favicons, and social media sites such as facebook and twitter will be made by our graphic design team. Your site will be designed from scratch, with your brand in mind. We will put all our skills to use to make the best website we can for your business. And we will throw in a year of our Tier One individual website hosting (a $200 value). At $1,000, you will be hard pressed to find a better deal.

Too expensive? No problem. Our most basic websites start at $300, and come with a Contact Form, Google Maps integration, and a Custom Colour Scheme. You can add the features you want from there. Additional pages start at $50.

Basic Webpage Package


Contact Form
Google Maps integration
Custom Colour Scheme
Additional pages $50/ea
Complete Branding Package


Includes Basic Package Plus:

Graphic Design Package
Blog / News Feed
First Email Account
Individual Hosting Tier 1
Additional pages $50/ea

Blogs come with a section for featured images and disqus commenting. Requires private hosting and moderation training is included. If you want to make sure your posts look great across a wide range of browsers and devices, we can moderate new posts with the above mentioned features.

Service Price
Blog / News Feed $100
Moderated Posts $25/ea
Photo Gallery / Slideshows $100
Additional Photos $10/ea


Detailing $100+
Favicon Integration $25
Vector Graphic $25
Social Graphics


Webpage Icons $60 $25 ea
Cover Images $125 $50 ea
Profile Images $60 $25 ea

We provide domain specific email administration (yourname@businessname.com), which involves setting up MX records, creating email accounts, and configuring them. These accounts are manually tested to ensure they can send and receive Emails, as well as work for SMTP clients such as Outlook, Mailbird, or any others our client wishes to use. Once we are certain they will work as they should, we send our client the login credentials, and if they need it, setup instructions which should have them ready to use their new accounts in as little as ten minutes.

First Account Setup


Additional Accounts & Renewals


We are happy to host the websites we build for our clients. All our hosting packages are managed by Chris, who will upload your website to the server, and make sure the server side configuration is set up properly. All our server hosting packages are run on Linode hardware, with Chris's own special blend of space magic.

Shared VPS Hosting


Service Included
100 MB RAM
2 GB SSD Storage
200 GB/mo Transfer
12.5 Mbit Bandwidth
Individual Hosting Tier 1 (1GB)


$50/yr Service
20 GB SSD Storage
2 TB/mo Transfer
125 Mbit Bandwidth
Individual Hosting Tier 2 (2GB)


$50/yr Service
44 GB SSD Storage
3 TB/mo Transfer
250 Mbit Bandwidth
Individual Hosting Tier 3 (4GB)


$50/yr Service
92 GB SSD Storage
4 TB/mo Transfer
500 Mbit Bandwidth

Both our servers, and our websites are built with performance in mind. As a result, many of our clients will find our Shared VPS hosting solution more than powerful enough to host their shiny new website. Should you go with this package, your website will be deployed on a server with other small websites made for clients who have selected the same package. This service guarantees your site 200GB of transfer a month (That's about 60 hours of High Definition video), and 2GB of SSD space. due to security concerns, we cannot allow our clients to upload content to websites using the Shared VPS Hosting package. This is for the security of all clients on this package, including yours, should you decide to go with it. You can of course ask us to upload content for you, at a nominal fee.

If your website requires more resources, or you simply want the freedom to upload whatever you like (assuming it's within linodes Terms of Service policy ), you can go with one of our Individual Hosting plans. Tier 1 should be more than ample for most sites- with 2TB a month of transfer. Each individual hosting package comes with automated backups built into it, so your site can revert to a last known good configuration rapidly, if something goes wrong (we are not saying that it will, but it's always nice to have a contingency plan).