Playing Games with an Iron Fist

By Brandon DaRocha
Chattanooga State Staff Writer

Many enter college with hopes and aspirations of achieving their dreams. Receiving a higher education promises better oppoitunities, and a chance at living a life doing something that generates happiness and productivity. James Seeley, who also goes by the name of Leviscus Tempris, is in the process of doing just that, with his multi-media production company [Cure Interactive]. I had the opportunity to speak with him, and gain some insight into his company and its projects, such as Iron Fist. Iron Fist is a post-apocalyptic shooter set on a distant-future Earth that has been destroyed by the chaos created by a self-sustaining worm-hole located in Cologne, Germany.

Q: Cure Productions is not only geared toward video game production, however, is that its main focus?

A: Yes, though it is also geared toward novel publishing, video game creation, comics, movies and videos, and apparel.

Q: What got you into game development?

A: I've been working in the field for six years now, since the 7th grade. I really enjoyed telling stories growing up, and I enjoyed writing them. I began writing and illustrating comic books before I even knew what comics were. They would be just a few pages, but would be chronicles of larger stories. Later, I became interested in game development because it seemed to be the best way of telling a story. The game Assault Cube first got me interested because of its map-editing features, and I got started in the developing community creating multiplayer map packs based off the Cube Engine that Assault Cube was built around.

Q: Do you have any upcoming release dates?

A: Iron Fist went public on January 5th of last year. A title called Revelade Revolution has been in the works and should be out in October, or released soon.

Q: Tell me about your project Iron Fist.

A: Iron Fist is the golden goose of what [Cure Interactive] stands for. It had been in development for five years, and went public on January 5th, 2011. It’s a first-person shooter, with multiplayer built into it.

Q: What is Green Nation?

A: Green Nation was a side-step from Iron Fist. It featured realistic war between plastic, green army men. The project was created during a break in Iron Fist’s development and has since been abandoned.

Q: Are there any other companies you are working with?

A: Yes, I am working with The Intercooler on the Revelade Revolution project.

Q: What about any new projects?

A: There is, again, Revelade Revolution, which is a zombie first-person shooter and Broken Shield. Broken Shield is a first-person/third-person shooter and RPG with a medieval theme.