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Demo: Facebook Addons

After setting up a and following the tutorials for , we are able to providethe following features:

Sadly, the methods facebook provides for their dialogs involve the use of JavaScript, and not HTML nor PHP, via their Facebook SDK for JavaScript. A better way must exist!

Facebook Dialogs

Like & Share Dialog

Share Dialog

Click the button below to trigger a Share Dialog


Feed Dialog

As a redirect link

Facebook Plugins

With the use of we are able to provide the following features on our site:

Save Button

Login Button

Follow Button

Quote Plugin

Select any of the following text in order to get the facebook popup to quote the text to Facebook! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse eget tristique nibh, vel consequat purus. Praesent molestie, turpis ut ultrices commodo, felis arcu cursus enim, vel porttitor ante quam vel lacus. Quisque at laoreet sapien. Proin nec purus dolor. Integer pharetra nec ligula a condimentum. Fusce sem orci, porta ut felis id, commodo imperdiet risus.

Comments Plugin

Page Plugin

Iron Fist

Population Lonesome

Send Button